Thinking of Gronk

 DATELINE:  Move Over, ALF


Gronk is never far away in spirit.

As the Pats won yet another AFC East championship, Martellus Bennett shared a public photo of teammate James Develin holding Gronk’s T-shirt to be given on next meeting—and a public shout out.

Gronk, however, has not been idle, nor idyllic, but more idol. His family business opened a health and fitness spa outside of Boston—promising that Gronk himself may make an appearance one day. In the meantime, one of his innumerable brothers shall hold down the fort. It’s a Gronk no matter who shows up to cut the ribbon.

Our Gronk has taken our advice and never breathed a word about it.

Gronk’s new movie American Violence is about to be released. Directed by Timothy Woodward, no relation to the Equalizer Edward, the film features Gronk in a bad-ass role as a mob hitman. Looking dapper, menacing in dark glasses and a suit off the Tom Brady rack, the role is a springboard for the movie actor career.

Heavy violent drama may not be Gronk’s real forte. However, he will have billing ahead of Michael Pare, which indicates a star is born.

We more hopefully anticipate Gronk’s second movie, a sports comedy called Divot. This one he carries on his bad back. He’s has # 1 billing in a so-called “golf comedy.”

Perhaps that is a misprint. We suspect it’s a goof comedy, more in keeping with Gronk’s Noel Coward-style wit. We will stream American Violence during the Super Bowl if the Patriots fail to make it to the Big Show.

You can rest assured that this epic will receive our full critical eye and traditional zingers.