Tom Brady Sings the September Song in December

DATELINE:  The Singer, not the Song

walter-hustonWalter Huston

Denver is the Black Hole of Calcutta as far as Tom Brady is concerned. If Brady plays for the next ten years, he might reach a .500 level of victories.

Tom’s losing record to the home field Broncos was 2-7. He just upped the ante.

Not exactly stellar for a QB who has played for nearly two decades. So, we were not surprised when Tom played a tentative game, carefully increasing his pass arsenal as he grew confident, but rather he mostly relied on LaGarrette’s running coupled with Dion Lewis.

It was a workmanlike win for old Tom, highly satisfying because it clinched first place, home field advantage. Yet, there were the interesting developments that indicated the Patriots are back to their better selves.

It helped to see Julian back on taking in the end zone catching where Cyrus Jones fumbled. Alas, poor Cyrus, he may be going the way of Laurence Mulroney who also had a hard time holding on to balls for Belichick.

Better news centered on Patriot takeaways . There was one to start and one to finish—and the Broncos looked busted.

We also enjoyed seeing the off-setting unsportsmanlike penalties of Chris Hogan with the former Patriot assassin Aqib Talib. It couldn’t have involved two madder dogs than these.

Going to the Super Bowl seems to have made TB12 more circumspect in his play, based on this performance. He seems to know the opportunities are dwindling down to a precious few. This is not the “September Song”, but more like the January Song.

We can hear Walter Huston now, who was only a few years older than Brady when he made it a big musical hit of 1938 on Broadway. Tom was humming it.