Twin Nightmares: Dahmer and Dylann

manchurian-candidate  dahmer

Same Face of Evil


Jeffrey Dahmer and Dylann Roof would have loved each other.

Too bad they never had a chance to fall into each other’s clutches. They weren’t separated at birth, but they share the same DNA.

What a shame they never met and worked wonders on erasing each other from society. It would have been the ultimate Death Match.

Roofie was the drug Dahmer always wanted. And, Dahmer would have enjoyed putting Roof’s head into his refrigerator after drilling a few holes in it.

How odd that these killers, a generation apart, would seem to spin in the same orbit. These are the baby-faced denizens of evil. They are the worthless pismires of American culture, our best looking face on barren brains and twisted psychology of homicidal kids at lemonade stands. When given lemons by life, these two made hemlock.

Alternately smug and catatonic, they offer a cutie-pie-in-your-face to the Grim Reaper. These angels of death show the blue-eyed, blond side of Darkness.

Dahmer always wanted a zombie sex slave—and Roof is already half-way there with his catatonic oblivious attitude.

If you want to compare points of interest, you might see a similarity in the bland, blank-faced, bubble-heads of mayhem. These are the ultimate twin peas in a pod.

They blur the lines of connection between serial and mass killings, but they cover the gamut. Eventually they will become roommates in Satan’s dormitory for wayward maniacs. In the meantime, we must put up with Dylann Roof until he reaches the end of the line in prison, the place where Dahmer found his poetic justice.

Ultimately, a cursory glance at their pictures will give you a bad case of the creeps.