Pismire Dylann Roof Raised the Ante

DATELINE: Zombies Among Us


Blame it on the Super-moon, or blame it on the Manchurian Candidate.

The latest video of killer Dylann Roof “before and after” seems to fit into a pattern of shooting idiots who “had to do it.”  Why did they have to do it?  Because they fit into some controlling pattern. Maybe these homegrown pismires are the brainwashed fools of a powerful puppet-master. They are too dumb to articulate it.

We think back to the imbecile Holmes who shot up the Colorado movie house, thinking he was the Joker. There was the community college wacko Laughner who took a shot at Gabby Gifford and killed others.  You can add the weirdo who shot up Sandy Hook Elementary School, and you can trace it back to the looney tunes at Columbine High School.

They were all blank-faced bubble-heads with some odd motivation that defies logic and sensibility. They were, in fact, Manchurian candidates, perhaps programmed by some larger force. Good grief, can we blame North Korea?

It’s easy to believe that the proverbial “they” are behind these empty-headed, poorly motivated jerk-off behavioral problems.

These US killers were barely able to function in society, had no education in any real sense, and were prone to live exceedingly arid lives of quiet desperation.

How likely indeed that they could fall under some spell, any spell, out there in the Internet or Twitterverse. How much worse if the CIA reveals these culprits confess they were abducted by space aliens and had missing time in their childish lives.

It’s the Aaron Hernandez line of defense.

The killers seem to be the result of cookie-cutter molds that were never broken. If we look to the heavens for an explanation, all we find is a nation of pismires under the Super-moon.