Grounded Celtics “da Bomb”

DATELINE: Celtics Air Borne

 Smarting from Wince

We have underestimated the Boston Celtics.

No other team in New England has had a bomb threat made against their charter airplane.

Though the Oklahoma City Police have dismissed the threat against the Green Team as nothing less than a hoax, you have to wonder if there is more thunder than lightning in this take-off.

No Celtics were hurt in the rush to disembark the plane. Apparently, the bomb threat was not serious enough to bring the plane to an emergency landing, as is standard operating procedure. We are sure the Celtics now understand their priority in the scheme of the NBA.

Celtics do not need to have Homeland Security check their carry-on, as it is a private flight, but Homeland’s snoopers went through the Celtics’ dainty undies before returning the bags to the hotel in OKC.

The Celtics, of course, had to exit their flight. No, they did not have to slide down the chute to the tarmac. But, flying is stressful enough without the additional baggage of a bomb.

Next time the Celtics will fly with their leprechaun mascot to help defray any bad luck.

There is always the possibility that the bomb threat was called in against the wrong team. You expect the Patriots to be attacked every step of the way since Deflategate and Belichick are synonymous with hate around the NFL.

Who could hate the Celtics? This is the team with a Smart guy with a dumb hairdo. This is the team with Cousin IT on the parquet. This is the team with sweetheart Al Horford. Who’d want to blow them out of the air?

We can understand disgruntled fans from Chicago upset about the Big Sale Trade and choosing to make threats against the Red Sox. We can even understand the Jamie Collins Fan Club leading a terror threat against the Pats.

Maybe some doesn’t like shamrock green. But, we now see the Celtics with new respect.