Red Sox Fire Upon White Sox: Take Sale on Black Tuesday

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Those pesky Red Sox have struck at the heart of Patriot/Celtic/Bruin season in Boston, knocking their fellow sporters off the sports pages.

Dave Dombo has traded for Chris Sale, top notch lefty from Chicago. This is the kind of trade we had thought would come from Celtic mover and shaker, Danny Ainge, but no soap from Danny Boy.

This is the kind of move that is the antithesis of Swami Bill Belichick’s sending of superstars out of town on a rail, tout suite, from Collins to Jones

Dombo brings’em back alive.

The Red Sox now have a plethora of riches in the starter department:  put together with recent Cy Young winner Rick Porcello, frequent Cy Young winner David Price, you now add potential Cy Young winner Chris Sale.

To bring this prize to the crackerjack Red Sox, the team sent off a couple of pitching prospects: one was known for breaking his hand on the jaw of a roommate.

Chris Sale is the prize, if you overlook his slice and dice history of savaging the White Sox old-time throwback uniforms. After he took a machete to them, the rags were not suitable for the rich Sox.

Now, he likely will have no problem with a throwback Red Sox uniform, even when it is green on St. Patrick’s Day.

The new Sox rotation with stirred with a swizzle stick Clay Buchholz who may or may not be on his best mound during the upcoming season. No matter, because the Sox just bought themselves a couple of pennants over the remainder of the 20-teens.