High Finance Movie for Average Investors

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 Money Monster is a satiric poke at high finance. At least we think that was its intention.

With the convoluted antics of billionaire investors, it’s hard enough to follow the stock market machinations with any sense of trust to the media. And, this film depicts a TV show called Money Monster, featuring dancing girls and a glib host (George Clooney) who is taken hostage on air.

The network hosts are a combo of CNN and Fox, though the real culprit of this phony journalism is likely MSNBC. In fact, the terrorist is a typical investor with a bomb vest and gun. Audiences can’t tell a joke from reality.

Julia Roberts plays the TV director of the show with her finger on a bunch of humorous clips that completely undercuts the severity of the situation.

Though this appears to be an action thriller, it is directed with aplomb by Jodie Foster. She manages to give the tale a mixed message, which may lead viewers into wondering just what is this movie trying to accomplish.

Make no mistake: it is slick, well-produced, with capable acting performances, and a fascinating premise. We grew more skeptical about the message of corruption among the big game players in high finance.

The script plays up every angle of popular misconception and legendary fears. With the election of a billionaire president and a cabinet of money monster secretaries, we think there is something decidedly anti-Trump in this movie. We just can’t put our finger on it, but found it highly entertaining.