Brady Wins #201, Playing GOAT against Rams

DATELINE:  201 Notches and Counting



That Fishy Jeff Fischer, coach of the Rams, gave Tom Brady #201 on a silver platter.

Yes, the man who epitomizes NFL mediocrity couldn’t find his red challenge flag during one play—and had to beg the pardon of the referees.

It was that sort of game. Brady played with his usual fire—jawing at one Ram after he was unceremoniously butted. You don’t do that to a man twice your age who is about to set a record.

There is no reason to believe that Roger Goodell called Tom to extend best wishes. He may have asked to have the game ball checked for air pressure, however.

This was a game without Gronk, and some felt it was a test of what kind of receiver Tom would knight. This was like asking the members of the Round Table to genuflect before King Arthur. You know each one of them is likely to bring back to Holy Grail.

Since Tom has thrown to hundreds of receivers and tight ends, he was hardly non—plussed by the absence of his jolly big guy.

The other issue was whether the defense of the Patriots could stand up to the worst offense in the NFL. The Rams started a rookie quarterback, usually an appetizer for Belichick coached teams. Indeed, it was standard operating procedure: the Pats toyed with the kid named Goff, whose game was off.

If the defense couldn’t look good against the Rams, you know that absent Gronk is not the problem. The Patriots feasted on the Ram that looked like a sheep in Ram’s clothing.

This was a tune-up for a couple of tough games forthcoming, but as Alfred E. Neumann often states, “What? Me worry?”