Tom Brady as Rainmaker

 DATELINE: Homecoming

Brady as ballboy

It poured in Tom Brady’s first game in San Francisco since the Great Earthquake. This time the disaster was a heavy rainfall. For Tom, one of the great bad weather QBs in NFL history, it was a time to sing and to dance.

Brady grew up in the Bay Area—and was a devoted and fanatical 49ers fan. At age twelve, some of the Niners actually signed his athletic shoe. That all changed in 2000 when he changed his shoes to a more Revolutionary War style, befitting New England.

Brady later said he preferred sunshine and 72 degrees, but this did not prevent his fourth quarter attacks that put hopeful opponents to bed.

Rainmakers used to be welcome sights in wayward, dry spots—and lacking winning teams lately, San Francisco certainly qualifies as arid in terms of playoff hopes.

With the region of California in severe drought, as Brady said his parents had informed him, he was happy to bring the rain clouds to rain on Colin Caponneck’s parade.

Bill Belichick claimed to be oblivious for the reason there seemed to be so many New England fans in San Francisco. Apparently he is the only one on the team who failed to notice that both Brady and Julian Edelman are native sons.

Indeed, Brady seemed intent on giving hometown fans a taste of New England. He threw a bunch of passes to Edelman to stoke the flames of those hundreds, if not thousands, who came to the game to see local boys make good.