Frisco ‘Niners & Vertigo for Patriots

DATELINE: Heartless in Boston

then & now  Tom in other uniform.

Though he grew up in San Francisco under the shadow of the 49ers, Tom Brady did not leave his heart there. He packed it up and moved it to Boston.

Alas, the Patriots did leave their heart in Boston. Gronk did not make the trip to San Francisco to ride the little cable cars to more TDs. We still aren’t sure if Gronk has a punctured heart or whether he has lost a grid- iron lung.

We still have Tom, thank heavens. Unlike the Hitchcock hero in Vertigo, Tom has no fear of high throwing passes.

Tom let it be known on his Facespace page, that 17 years in Boston trumps growing up in the Bay Area. Tom has a new home—and talk about trading him when his skills fade now seems an academic point, far far from reality.

You have a tale of two QBs in heartless San Fran this week. One has expressed his annoyance in a Foot Locker commercial, and the other has expressed his annoyance by refusing to vote and taking a knee during the National Anthem.

Colin Caponneck probably leaves you speechless when it comes to freedom of speech. How can he cram so much hair on his pinhead into a helmet?

If there is justice in the realm of DraftFan betting, Tom Brady should be running off with the knife and spoon as the odds-on favorite to win this game.