Trump Issues the Price of Doing Business with the NFL

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 TomTom's HairDooDoo

When President-Elect Trump speaks, Roger Goodell goes green around his slimey gills.

So it is today when Trump called Tom Brady “totally innocent,” of Deflategate.  Do we see a Presidential Pardon in the works?

Goodell better hope he will not need one sometime down the road. We suspect the Donald does not see Roger Goodell as an “honorable man.”

Yes, that was the phrase Mr. Trump used to describe his long-time, good buddy from the links.  The last time we heard anyone insist that he knew an honorable man, it was Marc Antony in Shakespeare’s famous speech: yep, the one in which he keeps saying, “Brutus is an honorable man.”

Et tu, Donald!

Stick it to Goodell at every chance. You don’t think there could be bad blood between our next President and the President of Arbitrary Injustice?

We believe Donald Trump sued the NFL some years ago—and won a nominal chunk of change.  Yes, it was a sound dollar back when America was great. Nowadays that dollar is worth a plug nickel.

The cabinet posts in the new Administration are filling up fast. Tom Brady may not need to join Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz at Trump Tower. But, we know that no call has gone out to Goodell or his slimey minions down the street in their tower.

If Donald Trump could appoint a new Commissioner of the NFL, you can bet your deflated dollar it would not be offered to Goodell.