Tom Brady’s Tirade on Deflategate

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Is this really satire? See Tom’s video

According to a new advertisement for athletic shoes, Tom Brady makes fun of Deflategate. Oh, really?  There is a strong streak of genuine anger in Brady’s tirade at a lunch counter.

Brady eating at a lunch counter is almost as ridiculous as Peyton Manning in a supermarket line in his bathrobe, wandering around with nothing to do now that he is retired. Of course, the outright silliness of millionaire Manning pulling a coupon out of his pocket for the checkout person may be more insulting than funny.

So, it’s Tom Brady’s turn. When he overhears two goofballs (one black, one Asian) debating greatness, Brady jumps in. Well, we presume he knows something about being great. The chumps are dumb-founded when Brady pontificates about assumptions turning into vacations.

We had to think about that one for about two seconds. Oh, yes, vacation is the euphemism for suspension, and as all Brady loyalists know, Tom took the semi-billionaire wife to Italy for cannolis. (He was photographed naked sunbathing on his private veranda).

You’d think he was Brad Pitt or someone like that. Brady looks like a movie star, and has had the requisite work to maintain his chiseled features.

Tom makes interesting commercials, compared to Peyton Manning—or even Aaron Rodgers. After the mattress commercial earlier this year, this one for sneakers walks away with elan.

But, we insist again, it isn’t satire. It’s a release of his anger in a productive and lucrative way.