Patriots at a Loss Against Seattle

DATELINE: Down on Defense

Brady beauty rest

Like Hillary Clinton a few scans days ago, we decided not to attend the post game celebration. Like Hillary that glass ceiling above us remains.and dancing on the glass ceiling are the Seattle Seahawks

Don’t talk to us of Super Bowl previews. Somewhere in the night Roger Goodell was smiling. Not only were the Patriots defeated badly, Tom Brady hurt his knee.

Gronk and Brady were gracious in defeat. We could hear the words of Hillary Clinton in our ears. Their egos looks more bruised then anything else.

Bill Belichick still has not found a defense—as his team usually misses tackles. However, Russell Wilson looked like the Second Coming of Tom Brady. Ten years ago, that was Tom.

If the game disappointed you, you probably shouldn’t stay up to watch the Super Bowl. No, we mean the super moon on this night. It won’t happen again for about 20 years. No, not the Super Bowl. We mean Tom winning the big one. Brady will be in that event in 2024 when the Super Moon will have fans howling.

When the Patriots lose, it’s a night only Larry Talbot can love.  If you don’t know Larry, you don’t know bad horror. It’s only a paper Moon, and it’s only one game. It isn’t the game that’s the last game that bestows glory and a trophy.

So, like Hillary Clinton, we offer our concession to the tried and blue state Seahawks under a papier–mâché Moon.