Patriots & Seahawks: Buzz of Pregame Maggots

 DATELINE: Big Game Hype

while tom sleeps

 When the Patriots play the Seahawks in November, it’s just another game—or is it?

At mid-season, with ratings down, and mediocrity on the rise among weekly contests, pundits have elevated the Sunday night encounter from past Super Bowl teams to something akin to a Trump rally. It’s more likely to resemble Hillary’s no-show at the Javits Center on election night.

With Trump supporters Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on one team, you may expect Bernie Sanders protesters to take the field at half-time. Patriot fans are seeing red in a blue state.

The deaf, dumb, and blind media wants to know if Brady will be part of Trump’s kitchen cabinet, and Brady’s wife has threatened to cut off their tails with a carving knife.

Have you ever seen such a sight in your life?

The hype for this game is like watching paint dry, or worse, waiting for your iPhone to crawl to update status.

Fantasy football is the new norm, and this game really is secondary to the success of its parts. Here the individual stats of the stars outshine the notion of teamwork and a winning score.

The parts are more interesting than the sum of the score. The game is like Trans-America credit card scores: use your credit, and your score plummets. Pay on time, and you have a stalemate. There are no winners or losers in mid-November.

Waiting for the Patriots and Seahawks will encourage pre-game analysis by so-called election experts. We just learned how accurate that stuff is.

This game appears to be an appetizer to hold you over until the new season of Hunting Hitler and Curse of Oak Island begin on Wednesday night. It’s a little early for Life Below Zero.