A Generation of Spoiled, Coddled Losers

DATELINE: Election Results Protest

 Dumb America

The election victory of Donald Trump as President of the United States has spawned a bunch of protests that he is “not my president.”

Yes, we are finally harvesting the products of a spoiled bunch of children, now in college, who cannot understand the electoral process of the U.S. Constitution.  All they know is they did not get their way—and a tantrum usually solves the problem.

In places of higher education and loose disciplined minds, like Hampshire College in Massachusetts, students demanded that classes be canceled in order that they could observe a day of mourning.

These deprived children believe that there is discrimination against them, even if they voted in a town where they never grew up. These are the poor minorities paying in excess of $50,000 per year to attend private colleges.

On top of that, the enablers of such behavior called for grief counselors to help students through a bad day. Faculty were called upon to make sure the paying customers received the kind of kid glove treatment they needed.

And, you thought Trump University was ridiculous. Most private colleges (and that includes many around Boston) feature rich scions who never work, never receive actual grades, and “study” for careers that never produce any products.

No wonder the country elected Mr. Trump.

Protesters might better use their time complaining about the officiating in the NFL. They certainly shouldn’t be expected to educate themselves on their civic duty.