Brady & Belichick: Strange Bedfellows?

DATELINE: Patriotic Gore?

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It was politics as usual in the Patriots locker room.

No one wanted to talk about President-Elect Donald Trump’s boast that both Swami Belichick and Tommy B were big supporters of the future president. The Super Patriots are putting a focus on the Big Game, not the Big Election.

Patriots to a man claimed that wanted to beat Pete Carroll on Sunday, not Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. They may have a double-header victory.

Tom Brady told a radio interview he had not yet voted on Monday—meaning he skipped the chance to cast a ballot early in Massachusetts, if indeed he is a registered resident voter of New England. He could be on the roster for California.

Brady has a cap in his locker that reads, “Make New England great again!”

On the other hand, Swami Bill Belichick had been blind-sided by his presidential friend. He had written a letter of support to the Donald, which he thought was private. He should have known better than to send Trump an e-mail.

Belichick learned there are no national secrets. He may control New England and the Kraft family, but he was trumped by the new president.

At first, the reaction against them was like an Elizabeth Warren hurricane, but now in the light of victory, they are looking like Super Bowl champs.

Sen. Warren, a vocal terror of Trumpers, now may face another Boston sports legend, Curt Schilling, who wants to run against her. We suspect the Trump victory will go far in encouraging him to unseat the Native American claimant.

All this political stuff has begun to make patriotic Patriot fans feel like strange bedfellows.

The old lesson holds true. Never be caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.