Pursuit of The Black Bird

 DATELINE: Dream Stuff


We recall the Black Bird well.  He was the stuff dreams are made of.

Lest we become carried away with a successor to Larry Bird, we are smitten with a new generational phenom.

It is no mistake they gave him Rondo’s old number. It’s as if the Celts want to unofficially announce the torch has been passed to a new era. Rondo might have inspired books, poetry, and shock treatment during his days in Boston, but now we are moving on.

Two factors come into superstar play in Boston: longevity and championships. Without them, you are just another hanger-on to the public fancy. Just ask David Ortiz and Tom Brady. They built special wings in New England fandom’s castle in the sky.

How dare anyone foist a mantle upon the shoulders of a young hotshot with a Bobby Fischer talent and less than a handful of games under his belted short shorts? Or, as we say in Boston, shot shots.

The Celtics never play rookies, let alone start them, let alone start them against LeBron James. Perhaps we are dreaming about Black Birds. It could never happen in Boston.

Previously on Celtics Champ Watch,  a 19-year old phenom came to Boston and hoisted a banner—but he didn’t arrive here until he was past 30 and he showed a flair that was movie star in nature. His initials were KG.

He, like Bird, had compatriots to ease the travel to superstar champion mode. What has our new Black Bird found on the wing? A Smarty pants, for sure.

With two you might get eggroll, but we doubt there is a banner coming this season. Really, a banner this season?? It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Ah, yes, we are keeping tabs on that tempting Black Bird.