Bye Week Bye-Bye for Patriots

DATELINE:  Halloween Surprise

Laughing Cavalier2

When Danny Ainge of the Celtics decided to trade and to dump R.J. Hunter at the start of the season, there was agony and expressions to the public of the difficulty of professional sports in human terms.

When Swami Bill Belichick of the Patriots decided to trade and to dump Jamie Collins, the public went into a tizzy. You have just experienced the awe and mystery of Bill Belichick.

It was a shocker. Oh, really? Just hours before Sunday’s game with the Bills, there were pundits predicting that Jamie Collins would not be back in 2017. Surprise, indeed. He will not be back in 2016. Trick or treat?

Jamie Collins won fans forever when he jumped over the center to try to block a field goal. It was striking and unique.

However, dyed in the wool types who go for the whole nine yards will tell you that, if you plan to be a Gronk-style power-house, you had better be Gronk.

Jamie, we watch Gronk week after week—and, Jamie, you are no Gronk.

It’s again a case of Boston sports stars who read the media and begin to believe they are superstars. Once they leave the ranch, they seem to go into lemming mode: off the cliff before you can say (fill in the blank with any Belichick cast off).

The day Swami Bill sends Tom Brady into the sunset (or probably Gronk a tad sooner), you will likely see the end of Belichick’s era. Until then, your sports team is under someone else’s control.

Yes, Belichick controls the vertical, and Belichick controls the horizontal. He can make the picture a dull focus, or he can turn it to crystal clarity. Sit back, for another season, and enjoy the next game because the awe and mystery is only part of the Belichick game.

You have entered the Outer Limits of the Swami.