Snickers for the Buffalo Bills & Tricky Treat

 DATELINE: Trick and Treat


This season every game by the Brothers Rex and Rob has been a trick or treat experience.  Now with their costumes chosen for this year’s Monster Bash, the brothers seem to have traded in their jackass costume for a two-man unicorn suit.

They want to grab the bag of candy and run.

Of course, we are still unsure which end of the costume T-Rex will assume. We do indeed remember the old ditty: “When you assume, you make an ass of you and me.”

The only way to catch the legendary smiling Cheshire Tomcat before he disappears into the mists of time like Brigadoon may be to grab the ass of the tiger and hold on for dear life.

And those anti-anchorite Ryan Brothers are just zaftig enough to hold on for a couple of quarters and a couple of downs.

For his part, Brady will never dress up in something he’s not: like a loser.

Now if the Ryan Brothers eat a Snickers bar, that’s the last thing their fans want. If Rex and Rob become themselves, all is lost.

On the other hand, we know Tom Brady will never eat a Snickers bar. If he did, he would turn into the High Sugar Lama from Shangri-La State.

As we recall from the old James Hilton classic Lost Horizon, the old High Lama played quarterback up in those Himalaya Mountains for 300 years.

Tom is already well on his way this Halloween to that goal.