Pregame overconfidence always makes us nervous, and the pundits and blowhards were predicting scores close to 50 to 3 in favor of the Patriots and Tom Brady.

The reality was far more sobering.

We felt like the so-called experts were calling for a Hillary landslide, and the opposition was calling the results “rigged.”  Yes, it is the template for another day in the NFL.

The Bills were fired up—as only a wacky coach can give confidence to his depleted team. And, so, Tom Brady or not, you held your breath any time they came close to knocking over the star Patriot QB.

Eric Rowe, recently acquired, was a one-man penalty machine. However, pass interference is not helpful when the Patriots are called. On top of that, the highly suspect Patriot defense has forgotten to pack up their abacus for the road trip.

In a series of miscounts, the Patriots had too many men, and then too few men on the field. When did we last see that? We will put in a call to Babe Parelli to see if he recalls. We were not overconfident to begin—and we found our optimism under fire.

When the Bills made a first down on a botched punt, we were ready to wave a “terrible” towel.

Of course, we are prone to adamant pessimism. Brady threw for four touchdowns, and the Pats won—and all’s well that ends well.

On to the Bye week.