Trump Weighs in on Concussions in the NFL

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NFL players are angry at Donald Trump.

He has downplayed the concussion protocol as an excuse to not play football for a year.

As a billionaire, like so many NFL owners, the rich folk equate concussions to hangnails and other unworthy excuses. These are the kind of rich people who used to own slaves—and rationalized it as giving the shackled masses a roof over their heads and religious fervor.

If there is one spot that separates billionaires from the peons, it is on concussion policy. Super-rich people hate it when the minions find a reason to go on the dole.

Not only that, it’s clear billionaires never go to the movies. That may explain why Will Smith’s movie Concussion exposing the NFL went out with the baby’s bathwater. It explains why Smith received no Oscar. It’s explains why all those former NFL players are committing suicide.

We aren’t one of those who make excuses for billionaires because they are, after all, disadvantaged from real life. NFL football is hardly real life. Any game where child molesters and wife beaters are treated equal to deflaters of footballs is thriving in an alternate universe.

Billionaires usually play Candy Crush on their private jets to relax—and obviously collisions ending in destruction are fun things, not serious medical issues.

So, you can’t blame Donald Trump for calling a concussion a little ding on the head. After all, he dismissed John McCain’s long bout of torture in a Vietnamese prison as not credentials enough to be a hero, on the order of Batman.

Trump admires General George “Blood and Guts” Patton. As we recall, the peons sent into battle by Patton used to facetiously say—“Our blood and his guts.”

Trump believes strongly those who are about to die should salute before being sent into oblivion. We give that a thumbs down.

In short, Bill Belichick has moved on from the 21st century technology. He is on to the Stone Age. And our fellow Neanderthals love it.