Tom Brady as Yul the Gunslinger in a New HBO Series


tom-brady-as-gunslinger Cowpoke Tom

In this week’s episode of NFL Westworld at Gillette, automaton Tom Brady relived his role from the western script again as he has for 17 years: making TD passes to other paid guests who pass through the NFL and make a stop for a few games with the Patriots. It’s a fantasy thing for young men; they all want to go up against Tom Brady.

Robert Kraft is played by Anthony Hopkins in the Jonathan Nolan version of football persons of interest.

The deranged killing machine known as Aaron Hernandez has been relegated to the dungeon of broken down men in black with Yul’s robot. He has been only carted out for sanity hearings to find out why he goes on killing sprees. No, wait, that was a different reality series in a Boston court room. Or, was that the movie with Yul Brynner as the Terminator?

We often confuse HBO with the Hub of Boston.

Aaron Hernandez is played by Ed Harris on HBO’s latest version. Tom is the good looking robot who is victimized by bad scriptwriting by Roger Goodell. However, he seems poised to rebel against the NFL Westworld and go on a season long shoot-out.

This Westworld reboot at Gillette is based on a movie from a generation ago. In that version Tom Brady was twenty-years younger and looked exactly the same. No, wait, that was Lost Horizon with debonair Ronald Colman who encounters the High Lama and learns the secret of eternal youth.

Tom found the Fountain of Youth from his old pal, Ponce de Leon, an old coach from the Miami Dolphins.

Whenever you try to explain the phenomenon of Tom Brady, your metaphors immediately become mixed up.