Halloween Comes Early at Presidential Debate


 DATELINE: Disgusting Display

If you want to know what’s wrong with America in the 21st century, you had only to watch this latest October presidential debate. In a second encounter, you had everything wrong about the United States on display for the world. It was revolting, not revolutionary.

If you liked this debate, or approved of it, you should be ashamed of yourself. It detonated the pledge of allegiance. If athletes sitting, kneeling, and kowtowing to the National Anthem irks you, you had presidential candidates throwing the Bill of Rights off the Empire State Building.

This debacle was like witnessing the reality of Dr. Strangelove in the War Room. They were prepared to drop bombs on the Bill of Rights, and the Bill of the Clintons.

This was Mr. & Mrs. Smith fighting to the death, instead of divorcing amicably.

What does America stand for? Do these candidates know? Their visceral hatred buried the concept of the loyal opposition. Their lack of civility and politesse were victims of media terrorism.

There is no longer one nation. We have bicoastal plains surrounding an arsenic filled center. There is no Snickers candy for America behind its mask of grim reaping what you sow. We are indeed now engaged in a great civil war, testing whether this nation or any nation can withstand despising one’s neighbor.

Are we a banana republic that tosses the losing candidate into jail, or orders the secret police to round up the usual suspects?

We suspect the Founders of America never foresaw this basket full of deplorable candidates. It was a kettle of bile boiling over with Shakespearean witches predicting an ironic future.

For shame, America. You are lost.