Kirk & Spock Return in Fine Form

DATELINE: Beyond Star Trek


The latest entry in the ageless series of movies and TV shows is decidedly less than warp driven Star Trek. New devotees who think this one ranks up there with the best were likely born yesterday, not during the heyday of the TV series.

The franchise has survived worse entries than Star Trek Beyond. When the cast of characters is allowed to peek out from behind the noisy, endless special effects, they still glow with humanity and humor.

Alas, this latest version devolves into one of those car chase in space epics. And, when will they realize that lizardoid villains are tiresome? We prefer the deranged humans like Khan, not Klingons on steroids.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are the perfect new partners of the series as Kirk and Spock. They continue to delight—and Simon Pegg and Karl Urban continue to play Scotty and Bones like the original actors. Everyone must have a showcase scene nowadays as there are no second bananas, like in the old TV shows.

One controversy here was to make Zulu (the ageless John Cho) as gay as his first real life actor George Takei. It is nearly pointless in its depiction. And, yes, there is a testimonial to the late Leonard Nimoy who graced the two earlier reboot movies.

In two or three years another episode with this marvelous cast will reappear, minus the charming presence of the late Anton Yelchin, the latest Chekov. We hope the remaining actors will have more banter and interplay, as well as psychological depth.

Fans will not be deterred from this one. It is what it is.