It Smells to High Heaven, Mr. Trump

 DATELINE: Long Walk Off a Short Pier

Dumb America

The Boston Red Sox collapse in the playoffs shows that there is no hope when the best pitching money can buy goes down in flames.

It’s about the same for Donald Trump. Unlike his friend Tom Brady who has returned from four weeks in outer space after Deflategate, Trump has no phone to destroy that rids him of the evidence.

Trump has started to deflate his own gate.

After video footage from over ten years ago showed Trump putting his tax-free foot in mouth, you have the worst case of political anthrax in American political history. It’s like Napoleon drank his own self-prepared arsenic.

Republicans are fleeing Trump faster than traffic evacuating Florida because of Hurricane Matthew. Republicans are finding the highway out of town crowded with those jumping off the bandwagon.

Extremism in the defense of idiocy is the biggest vice, to paraphrase Barry Goldwater—an honorable presidential candidate who went down in flames over ideology in the GOP.

That sound you hear coming from Washington D.C. is the Congress falling off its Founding Fathers’ foundation.

The cornerstone to the White House has been lost for years—and it looks like Donald Trump is not going to find, folks.

Things are now so bad that some Republicans are singing a song of Mike Pence.

When Trump attacks Hillary on moral grounds, we can safely presume he hasn’t a leg to stand on. Being a celebrity can mean you are an equal opportunity groper, but it could mean the voters are about to slap you silly.

We are placing our “I Heart Trump” coffee mug and our “Make America Great Again” baseball cap right next to the water bucket. Their value will grow in years to come as icons of hubris.

Trump is down for the count—and the voters will likely count him out real soon.