Brady Does Not Meet Expectations in 1st Game Back!

 DATELINE: A Modest Performance


Tom Brady disappointed his fans in his first game back from Deflategate.

Instead of focusing on his two most reliable receivers (Gronk and Julie E), he threw the ball to seven or eight different players, thereby keeping individual yardage to minimum standards for all his offensive weapons.

He even threw passes successfully to rookies, thereby increasing their egos to a point where they will boast about the game for the rest of their natural lives.

On top of that, Brady failed to score on every drive. Leading only by 23 to 7 at the end of the first half simply fell short of all the predictions that pundits offered.

Brady also failed to perform a quarterback sneak when given the opportunity. It almost proved that the 40 year old QB is aging rapidly.

Everyone across the board expected Brady to throw for a thousand yards and eight touchdowns. When he failed to reach these levels, he was compared to Batman and Superman in their recent failed movie.

The only person who had a much worse day that Brady was his old friend Donald Trump.

If Brady continues to play like this, Rex Ryan will not be looking forward to Halloween this year when the Pats show up to trick or treat the Bills.

Nobody expected Brady to be perfect. Well, yes, everyone expected him to be perfect—even Tom himself.

In the fourth quarter Coach Bill Belichick removed Tom from the game and replaced him with Jimmy G, still suffering from a bad shoulder. Tom will likely be himself next week.