Tom Brady & David Ortiz Converge on Cleveland

DATELINE:  Cleveland, Ohio


It’s a weekend in Cleveland for Boston.

Our 40-year-old virginal heroes are about to play for the ages.

Tom Brady and David Ortiz will not be leaf-peeping along the Mohawk Trail this weekend. They have gone to the land of LeBron on business.

We cannot recall a time in the past when Boston had two superstars from two different sports, both playing way above the usual expectations for men whose retirement lives clearly go way beyond 40 years.

The Red Sox and the Patriots are converging in Cleveland, not exactly the hub of sports legends.

Tom is coming off a four-week suspension that was an openly hidden agenda by the NFL to derail one of their greatest players. Self-hate comes in many forms.

David is coming off the best final season ever put together by a baseball player with 40 home runs being only the tip of the iceberg. Big Papi has been feted everywhere in his league, whereas Tom had to go to Italia for a nude sunbath.

And on one of the loveliest October weekends New England can put together, the stars will be out in Cleveland where Maynard G. Krebs had his worst nightmares.

Hurricane Matthew changed his mind and decided not to visit New England to spoil the mood. Fans won’t be at Gillette and Fenway in torrential rain, nor windy gales. The less fortunate are suffering evacuation and trepidation in Florida.

Brady and Ortiz are pure, unsullied, and untouched by the evil scandals that lesser mortals have tried to dump upon them. From Deflategate to performance enhancing drugs, nothing can stick to the Boston gold-dust twins of Brady and Ortiz.

No one expects that Cleveland will put a damper on the careers and seasons of Tom and David. If that city on the Great Lake turns our heroes into pillars of salt, we shall mark that as a perpetual disdain for anything round on the ends and hi in the middle.