Therapeutic Blood Transfusion

DATELINE: Interview with a Vampire

Therapy for a Vampire takes the topic done to death on TV’s True Blood and injects it with some Geritol.on-the-couch

A German film with subtitles, sorry, bloodsuckers, this little gem takes place in 1932 around the time of Dracula was first coming out of Transylvania. This time the Count of a thousand years consults Sigmund Freud to find some understanding of his plight.

Needing nightly sessions with Freud, the Count just requires some friendly counseling.  The entire film is done deadpan, which is nothing short of keeping up the genre.

Psychoanalysis is the secondary target in the blood-letting. The Count’s wife wants to see herself after 1000 years without a mirror image, and therein comes complications.

The story uses wit, traditional lore, and plays off the tired clichés of vampires with panache. Life has lost its bite for Tobias Moretti as the count and his shrew of a wife, played by Jeanette Hain. They are utterly wonderful to behold. She frequently puts the Count down for the count.

The vampire couple has a parallel in Viktor and Lucy who become more than pointed foils. Each of the mortals find themselves paired off with the estranged strange couple.

Writer and director David Ruhm has picked the right film subject to introduce himself to a wider audience. If you want a Halloween film to put yourself into the holiday mood, you might just find a respite out of the crypt in this delightful piece of fluff.