The Art of Let’s Make a Deal

 DATELINE:  Politics as Usual



Presidential politics has devolved into a TV game show with reality tested against Theatre of the Absurd.

As the campaign closes, Hillary and Trump are sitting on a park bench waiting for Godot. No one told them the polls were never open to begin with.

The presidential candidates are playing with house money. The loser will have more money at the end of the campaign than at the start. Talk about the rich getting richer.

For this election, you can have three big doors with a surprise behind each. Whatever one you choose, you lose. To add to the suspense and pointlessness, you allow voters to phone in their selection to the candidates.

Behind Door #1 is Trump’s Accounting Firm. Behind Door #2 are Edward Snowden’s version of Hillary’s emails. And behind Door #3 is a strait-jacket large enough for every voter in the nation of the United States.

Like the Academy Awards, Price Waterhouse should certify that they have witnessed Trump’s tax deductions and placed them in a sealed bankers’ vault in Moscow.

They could also certify that national security is a joke when your average 12 year-old can hack the FBI– and federal prisons are filled with white collar bankers because the drug criminals have all been paroled or granted early release.

The presidential race looks like a night of Dancing with the Stars with Hilary and Trump doing a foxtrot and Charleston before an empty studio with no music.

Who could blame the voters for choosing an absentee ballot and then being absent when it counts? Hey, the Founding Fathers gave the Deplorables a right to vote.

If Trump fires us, we’ll be lucky.