No Shut Out Before Its Time

DATELINE: Bad Day at Gillette


Today’s game at Foxboro was almost as laughable as one of those “dramas” for pinheads constantly advertised during games on CBS.

The Buffalo Bills buffaloed their way into Gillette Stadium in a fashion not seen by the home team since they played at Shaeffer Stadium. Indeed, the last time the Pats were shut out at home was 1993.

At long last the Patriots played the way everyone expected without Tom Brady.

You could say the Patriots were at a disadvantage. The Bills actually came to play.

When you see Bill Belichick smash his iPad into the benches, you know it may be less than a thrill-per-minute game. Rex Ryan looked ecstatic.

Missed tackles, a missed field goal, and a young QB make for a long, dreary afternoon. There was no sunshine, and the Patriots seemed to shun the limelight. When you put up no points in the first half, you may be on the road to defeat.

We looked hard for Edelman and Gronk, but they seemed to be waiting for Tom’s return. The young QB with the bad thumb looked like he might not get a ride home from the stadium if he stuck out that thumb for a hitchhike.

The high point of the game was the tailgate that seemed to scoff at deflategate. Alas, the Buffalo Bills gave the Pats the gateway to losing.

If you were waiting for the wind to change, you might want to wait till next weekend. A hurricane may come to New England, and we aren’t talking soccer.

A dozen penalties by the Patriots also seemed like a bouquet to Roger Goodell.