SyFy Ghost Hunters DeMaterialize Ectoplasm

DATELINE:  Finally Rest in Peace


Now in its final season, according to SyFy network, Ghost Hunters is about to be ghost busted.

Once one of our favorite shows, it has become just about unwatchable in this final few weeks. Producer and Founder of TAPS, Jason Hawes has gone power hungry mad in his show’s success, firing good cast members—and populating the show with his completely uninsightful daughter and equally mundane pals. It is a ghostly shadow of its former self.

Even the cute schtick of Tango and Steve has now become routine like a Burns and Allen skit, without the wit.

Once they relied on silly technical devices to show off the “science” of ghost hunting, but that stuff has been sort of forgotten in recent seasons. Also long gone is the gossipy, backstage politics of catty cast. Now the politics is truly hidden—with egos and clashes about as rare as an actual ghost on this show.

They act rather blasé and more tepid than ever with no follow-up on anything paranormal. They call it a night just when they might ask a follow up question. It ain’t funny and it ain’t interesting, McGee.

SyFy seems to have seen the writing on the wall sooner than the rest of us. For a few seasons they seemed reluctant to schedule the series, always postponing the inevitable. Gone are the live Halloween specials, the interesting guest hosts, and anything remotely energetic.

On many of our favorite shows recently, as they ended abruptly, we felt a sorrow and indignation that network imbeciles in charge had canceled good stuff. This time we feel like they waited too long to pull the plug on the bleeping rem-pod.

Cheer up, Ghost Buster fans. You still have the Three Stooges on Ghost Adventures.

Go figure.