Tom Brady Strips Down for Spygate

 DATELINE:  Nude Pix Not Air-Brushed, Thanks to NY Post!nude-tom

La Dolce Vita continues in the last legs of Deflategate Tom. Now the Roman squad of paparazzi are playing spygate with Tom Brady’s torso.

New England’s suspended QB continued his vacation in Roma, Italy, this week, avoiding playbooks, football pads, and the accoutrements of his sport. In fact, he eschewed everything as a voyeuristic paparazzi named Burt Hubbach sunk to the lowest level and took nude photos of Tom Brady.

This is not a Draymond moment. It is not even a David by Da Vinci moment. This is not an Instagram photo on his Facebook page that will require Tom to destroy his phone—lest Roger wants a copy for his secret pinup book.

Not many 40-year old men are attractive enough to catch the eye of arty photographers. Tom shows why his health regimen is keeping him in shape for his half-a-billion-dollar wife.

We suspect that Tom’s plastic surgery did not need to extend to liposuction.

We have said all along that Tom ought to quit the NFL cold and let them hang out to air dry. Ratings are down this season—and NFL shenanigans are to blame.

We completely expect Odell Beckham, Jr., to run around naked for Sports Illustrated—and Gronk likes to cavort in the buff with kitty-cats. Tom, alas, is trying to escape the ugly pressures of the NFL in Rome to no avail.

We cannot remember if the axiom is “See Rome and die,” or “See Naples and die.” Tom has shown us both.

Tom obviously had better things to do this week than watch his friend Donald Trump debate Bill’s wife.

We can hardly wait for the next press conference where Swami Bill Belichick will be asked about Tom’s nude sunbathing abroad.