Batman/Trump Versus Superwoman/Clinton

DATELINE:   Clash of the Titans?


Having just watched the highly unpopular movie called BATMAN VERSUS SUPERMAN:THE DAWN OF JUSTICE, we came to the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton—only to realize we were watching a bad remake of the movie.

Two dubious heroes permeated Batman and Superman’s depictions. Nobody likes a hero with a questionable temperament. And, indeed, so it was with Clinton and Trump, arguing over who was charitable and who was the result of bad experiences.

Wasn’t that the gist of the Batman/Superman movie? We don’t like too much philosophizing when it comes to comic book figures—and nothing quite describes the presidential candidates quite as well. Oh, you could throw in Wonder Woman into the movie—but she wasn’t in the debate. It looked like she was playing Trump’s wife.

Batman turns to Superman at one point and notes, “I thought she was with you.”

Superman appears before a US Senate hearing to answer what makes him think he is above the law. Gone are the days when Superman fought for truth, justice, and the American Way. Now, we aren’t sure what the American way is, let alone if we are great.

The two putative heroes are manipulated throughout by the smarmy villain, Lester Holt—oh, we mean Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. We keep confusing the debates between the two sets of American icons. We wish Clinton and Trump had worn capes to help us pick a candidate.

Unfortunately, unlike the movie, we cannot elect an alien from another planet to be our president. It’s against the Constitution. Who ever realized that Superman was an illegal alien? We doubt even Trump/Batman could build a wall to keep him out.

There were some marvelous performances in the movie. The debate, not so much.

Because of the poor reception for the movie, there will not be a sequel. Alas, the same cannot be said for the debates. We may have to suffer through two more before the franchise is permanently retired (or until a new cast chooses to remake it).