We Got It Wrong: Sorry, Jackie Bissette!

DATELINE:  Not Jacqui Brisette



Not Jacqui

What’s in a name indeed?

We have been dunned and re-dunned, and even out-dunned, for misspelling Jackie Bisette’s name. We must be a dunned dunce.

If we have the 1970s movie star on our mind, it’s because we have done too many Airport movie reviews. Jacoby Brissett should be known as Jackie among the fans. It is more sportswriter friendly. And, we should have remembered that Jackie spells it Jacqui.

It’s French, Tish.

We also added a French ‘e’ to Brisett to give him an international air of mystery. We apologize. The mysteries of football are known only to Swami Belichick, also misspelled for many years.

At least we didn’t have to resort to our nickname of choice if Jacoby were burned in his opening starter role. We had an entire blog devoted to Briquettes aflame in the summer grille. We don’t use a BBQ grill either for you lazy spellers.

You say either, and we say either. Either, or neither.  Jimmy G or Jacoby B,  Belichick won’t call the game off.

As for missing an ‘r’ in Bissette, we can only blame that on our true blue uniform New England accent. We never say ‘r’ in months ending in ‘r.’


So, we get it. It’s Jacoby Brissett, double your ‘s’ and take two ‘t’s in the morning, for Monday/Friday morning QBs who play the game in an armchair and fly without spell-checker.