QB: Alphabetical Soupcon for New England Pats

DATELINE: Doo B and Don’t B QB


It’s beginning to look like the Patriot quarterback situation is reversing itself alphabetically; we’ve gone from Jimmy G to Jacoby B with possibly Julie E in the middle of it, leaving us to wonder whatever happened to Baby J?

These are the success-sores to Tommy B, the original alphabetized quarterback. He replaced Drew B. who was not a Doo B.

The excitement among Patriots fans is almost palpable for the upcoming game. For Jacoby B, it appears that nobody anticipates his game, but everybody really wants to see Julie E. toss that old football to Danny A.


Why even Tommy B put on his Facebook page that he had no worries if Julie E. were the quarterback. He pointed out that Julie E frequently boasts about his 1.000 % perfection. That means he’s made one NFL pass successfully.

If we were Jacoby B, we would be starting to develop a complex, apart from the Patriots playbook. It’s almost as if nobody has any confidence in him, and everybody anticipates Julie E for replacement.


Some people have even suggested that HC Bill B should get off his high horse and get on his smart phone and make calls to people like Peyton and ask him to come in and fill in for a game or two, even if it is not a smart idea.

In our estimation, Julie E will probably never pass the football in terms of a passer rating this week. However, it is a great hype and will improve the ratings for the TNG on NFL Twitterverse. Wait n’ C.