Tom Brady Mask New Halloween Horror for Goodell!

DATELINE:  Mask of the Red Death?


Who is that masked man?

Yes, someone wearing a Tom Brady mask has been making the rounds. The extremely life-like mask is worn by a short man, but rumors persist that the mask itself was designed by Tom Brady’s plastic surgeon in Paris.

What’s more, there is a story circulating like a case of hives that Tom Brady Himself wears the mask at all press conferences.

The little man in the big Tom suit cavorted with fans outside Gillette Stadium, causing a ruckus. It turns out that culprit in question is none other than Wes Welkah, former Patriot.

It appears that one of Brady’s closest friends is wheedling his way back into the Brady Bunch. Move over, Julie E. Now that Wes is back in Boston, there may be a new world order among the coterie.

We have found more intrigue than among the Elvis posse at its peak.

Welker also attended the game on Sunday, sitting among the faithful fans of Gillette. We can’t say if he kept his dinner date with Tom after the game.

You can bet Tom Brady gave his stamp of approval to Welkah’s mask, which went over like the Edgar Allan Poe version of Red Death.

Welkah’s mask has a more lifelike tone than the Phantom of the Opera, but we can still hear the Music of the Night every time Welkah emerges from under the plasticity.

There is no truth to the rumor that Welkah leaves a deflated football wherever he goes as his calling card. And, we are unable to confirm that Brady will be wearing a Welkah mask at Gillette next week.


And, we thought David Ortiz at the game in a Brady jersey was a great impersonation!