Belichick Under Siege: Jaws versus Dr. Strangelove

DATELINE:  Media Attack on Belichick!



Bill Belichick may have come to the end of the line with the media.

Never one to share much information about his strategies or plans to replace injured players, he has gone completely ‘stonewall’ on the Jimmy G issue.

Even during Watergate, Nixon never had as much chutzpah as Belichick.

All the best attributes of Belichick have been put into the center of his universe after losing Jimmy G—and the wagons have been circled. If Custer had been as cognizant of the enemy, he would never have met his demise at Little Big Horn.

And, those press conferences with the Boston, New England, United States, world media, have now become an attack from 6 billion Indians who want his scalp.

General George Armstrong Belichick has lost his replacement QB—and media moguls are asking if he will bring back Tim Tebow (who once labored in Foxboro for few short weeks) to handle the one and a half games before the nuclear weapon of Tom Brady is released from its missile silo.

Someone should tell Belichick to stop worrying and learn how to love the bomb, or at least someone should have the courage to tell him to watch the hoary Kubrick movie, Dr. Strangelove. Belichick is starting to raise his arm too often in a habitual salute to his own sense of victory.

Like his pal Donald Trump, Belichick will never apologize for making the Patriots great. It’s easy to see that in Coach Belichick’s world, the loss of Jimmy G is tantamount to the Great White Shark in Jaws breaking one of his teeth.

Another new tooth will pop up from the row of teeth in waiting below the gum line.