Dinner Suspended for Fast Breaking Wes Welkah

 DATELINE:  No Cream, No Sugar


pillsbury saltyBreakfast at Tiffany Brady’s

TB12 is calling in his IOUs.

With four weeks of non-practice facing him, Tom Brady may be worried about the caliber of non-NFL players he can find for his non-stop, non-plussed workouts.

One of the biggest and earliest of Tom’s groupies couldn’t keep his trap shut. Hot off the hot dog commercial for Heinz mustard, Wes Welker was now going to change his pace.

Instead of catching a dachshund coming at him from fifty yards like a bullet, he was preparing to catch Tom Brady’s pigskin.

Welker told a radio audience in hushed tones that he had called TB for a 12-course meal of healthy nuts and berries between two aged in the wood teammates. Alas, Brady had other plans. He said he wanted Welker for one of those breakfast meetings. The kind where Tom breaks fast and throws the ball at a running Welker with two minutes on the clock.

We can’t imagine Tom Brady, health food nut, admitting he ever ate a hot dog with mustard to the man who has made a big paycheck for dressing like a bottle of mustard.

A man on a nutty diet, Brady recently admitted he won’t eat strawberries and never sticks in his thumb to pull out a plum, and he will eat no food before he retires that actually tastes good.  So, we wondered what kind of breakfast Welkah had in mind. We know Tom refuses to eat crow or talk turkey.salty

If Jimmy G wins another game, the Patriots will send a message, telling Giselle to let Tom eat cake.