NFL Owes Patriot Fans $$$$

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The NFL owes us money. In fact, we want our money back. This Sunday at primetime evening, we expected to see a real football game.

Instead, the NFL has the temerity to offer us a performance without the stars.
If this were the New York stage in the 1980s, and if Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton decided not to play in private lives for our big night, we would be faced with the understudies.

Who wants to see nobodies? we would be well within our rights to demand our money back. Certainly we should not be expected to sit through those insipid Peyton Manning commercials.

In the NFL, where stars of Burton and Taylor’s caliber seem to predominate every week, we are now faced with the loss of Tom Brady and Gronk.

They are surely comparable to Burton and Taylor. They may be almost like Jolie and Pitt or Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

We hesitate to say which one would be Taylor. But we all know that Taylor without Burton was sort of a flat performance. They played off of each other.

The same holds true for Brady and Gronk. But thanks to the NFL, we shall not see Tom Brady on Sunday night. We are left with the understudies.

Yes, that means Jimmy G and Julie E are stepping in for the big marquee stars. This is a catastrophe.

This is not what we paid for. So, Roger, cough up our refund.