Chip Off the Old Spock

DATELINE:  To the Bridge & on the Tractor Beam


Son of Leonard Nimoy, Adam Nimoy, an entertainment lawyer and film director, has created an homage, in its truest sense, for his father on the 50th anniversary literally for Star Trek on September 9, 2016.

For the Love of Spock is exactly that.

A labor of love, the film traces the development of Spock, as it mirrors the development of Nimoy, from Boston roots to the grand design of the universe. We learn how his controlled emotions are visible in the smallest tic or raised eyebrow.

Featuring many interviews and commentaries not usually seen, to sharply edited clips of Nimoy in character making acerbic commentary.

The right people, from George Takei to William Shatner, and Simon Pegg to Zachary Quinto, give delightful interviews to Adam Nimoy, making this the best of all the testimonial documentaries of the year.

Punctuated with the humor of the characters and adulation of fans, Adam Nimoy is the right person to give us what we want to see—and not a second is trivial or wasted. We hung on every moment, delighted and nodding approval.

From the original series, to a cartoon version, to the movie franchise of the first Roddenberry creation, we trace Nimoy unto the new universe with Chris Pine as the new James T. Kirk. Nimoy is there to hand the torch to the future.

Indeed, love is the bottom line of this special film—whether for father from son, or for an icon from a culture. Nimoy’s death, as the documentary was planned, gave a chance even for President Obama to profess his love for the mixed racial science officer of the Enterprise.

Trek devotees and aficionados will be put into seventh heaven, far from the madding crowd of Klingons and convention cross-dressers, while enjoying this highly personal account of a universally beloved figure.