Brady O’er the Dawn’s Early Light



The labors of Hercules, and the labors of Hercule Poirot, are matched by the labors of Labor Day by Tom Brady of the Patriots. Long may Tom wave.

Suspended for airing out his disgust with Roger Goodell, Brady is facing thirty days of banishment. It rivals the sentence imposed on Napoleon Bonaparte when he was cast adrift on the lonely isle of St. Helena.

Napoleon spent his exile in dastardly plot to return to power. We can only surmise that Tom Brady has learned from histoire.

Thirty days hath April, June, and November. Well, in New England they are adding September to the mix.

Julian Edelman has compared the dismissal of Tom to likening a friend cast into the hoosegow. He must be thinking of Aaron Hernandez, who has been cast into gaol for a lifetime—and maybe more.

Tom will not be paroled for good behavior—and so he may as well be as dastardly as he chooses. In the meantime, the Patriots put the titanic image of Brady upon their lighthouse tower at Gillette Stadium. It suggested a memorial to sinking ships.

Brady haters have had a gridiron field day, hinting that the splashy picture of Tom is Mt. Rushmore for cheaters. We see him as an incarnation of Old Glory.

For 30 long days Tom can stay in tailgate range of his Deflategate ignominy. Though the QB cannot associate with known NFL players, he can choose to hang out with vicious satirists who may dun Goodell at every turn.

Remember the Maine, and remember the hot air of Goodell.