Tim Tebow: the New Marathon Man

DATELINE: Old Sports Never Die


Approximately 30 major league baseball executives have been extended an invitation to watch Tim Tebow try to play baseball. He has decided to try a new sport since football has let him go adrift.

In the distant past, Michael Jordan left his sport of basketball to try his hand at the grand old game. Danny Ainge of the Celtics spent several miserable use playing for a Canadian baseball team in the MLB.

The lesson has been lost on Tim Tebow. We aren’t sure if all of those baseball executives are showing up to see the tattooed in bearded lady at the circus, or a struggling wannabe second baseman. Perhaps they are showing up because they been promised shrimp cocktails and pink champagne.

Surely they don’t think Tim Tebow will actually become a major-league ballplayer in baseball on the rough diamond.

We recommend that Tim try swimming in an Olympic pool.

The Olympic team is going to need a new star with the demise of liars’ club emeritus star Ryan Lochte.

As we recall Kris Humphries better known as the Hump started his career as a swimmer. He actually beat Michael Phelps in several meets as youth. Humphreys came to choose a more challenging sport. Of course, most swimmers are rather tall making for fewer laps and faster swim times.

Tebow has always been a little on the short side, whether it’s football baseball or swimming.
It’s clear Tebow is choosing a less strenuous sporting opportunity to be a Renaissance Man.

As for Tebow, we suspect the good will be interred with his bones.