Names to Call Ryan Lochte

DATELINE:  Wonder of Water World


We just read the blog by an angry black woman. In it she tries to pinpoint the problem of Ryan Lochte. What she failed to recognize is that he’s a pretty pinhead.

This privileged blogger claimed Lochte was a privileged white male. She built a case that he also had a God complex.

In her estimation, this was a pretty bad crime.
What she failed to notice is that Lochte has a head full of chuckle. He is a deadhead partygoer. He is a boy of privilege for sure. We used to call it being a spoiled rich kid.

What else can you call someone whose whole life has been dedicated to a sport with some inane purpose?

Lochte is most guilty of being a drunken idiot. Alas, abusing alcohol is no longer a moral issue. It means he is suffering from an addiction. And we cannot call him an idiot because we are discriminating against people with brains that are  lame.

Lochte has a life in which his perfect body provides a passport to pleasure. He’s tall and lithe,  lean and lovely. The perfect boy for Ipanema. How can we be disappointed when his beautiful body without blemish is on display for the world to pant upon? In fact, without pants, he remains defiant.

He lives in a world of constant chlorine. He is a walking, bleached whitewash. He is clean as a houndstooth. At least on the outside. Inside his head has been sloshed clean by endless laps.

When the world has the hots for you or at least your body, you will find you are a child of privilege or sex icon.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that Ryan Lochte is an imbecile. Gods like Lochte are not complex. What a simpleton.