Oldsters Clinton & Trump Need Not Apply

 DATELINE:  Looking for the Youth Candidate

what a ticket


Having reached an age when we should know better, we are about to jump in with both feet to make an outrageous and outlandish statement.

Whatever the drawbacks of the two major presidential candidates, Trump and Clinton are simply too old to do the job.

We speak from experience, having passed it long ago. Oh there are those who argue that oldsters can do anything. Well, in fact, that’s simply not true.

Old people tire out a lot more quickly than in their younger days. We’ve noticed that both Trump and Clinton seem to take a lot of days off and who could blame them for it.  Campaigning and meeting thousands of people every day is exhausting work.

However, the job of being president is even more exhausting.

So, we don’t want to sound like we are prejudiced against age or older people because we belong to the club ourselves.

We think Youth is a valuable commodity overall, and relatively important in our president. As for Clinton or Trump, if you’re in bed knocked out from the hard days work, heaven help the country.

So we expect to be lambasted by AARP and a bunch of other groups for not respecting old-age.

We love old-age; we think retirement is wonderful. In fact, we think both Clinton and trump should be retired.

So, spare us your indignation. It is wasted because our brain cells are not as sharp as they used to be and we might get crotchety, grumpy and unpleasant if some young whippersnapper tries to talk us out of our old opinions.