Bobblehead Hernandez at Your Service!

DATELINE: A Bone to Pick with Aaron?

 A1 steak

Aaron Hernandez was never very good at the hidden ball trick.

Our blog readers delight in any picture of Hernandez that we can share with them. Today’s efforts may serve as the model for Hernandez and his own Bobblehead icon. It’s a dilly.

We guarantee that today’s image is unretouched, or at least has only been touched around the edges.

We are not sure what exactly is meant to be bobbling, based on the accompanying photograph. There are so many possibilities. We don’t think Hernandez bobbled the ball in this picture, but one never knows how many balls are in the picture when the hidden ball trick is afoot, or a foot-long.

Bobbleheads would only obfuscate the thrill.

The latest debacle over the David Ortiz Bobblehead would hold nothing compared to the controversy over the Aaron Hernandez bobble.

Bubble bobble, toil and trouble. There’s a lot of room to bobble. We are practically bubbling over this picture. Hernandez can stoke the fires for sure.

When it comes to Hernandez, we think he should be holding an Uzzi in every photo, though he holds himself well in every part. We promise that this image has not been Photoshopped or chopped.

Always the problem with Hernandez is whether we have gotten hold of the right end– err,  tight end.

We don’t know how long he can stand erect with all these prosecutors coming at him. He seems to be excited by the chase and so we expect he will give us his all in the next trial.

For now we must be satisfied with the images that cause an earthquake in his wake.