The Big Picture of Draymond Green

DATELINE:  Dray-Dreaming


Draymond Green, Olympic basketballer, posted his “junk” on  Snapchat over the weekend. We’d post the picture, but our propriety begins where our vice ends. Draymond apologized, though he has nothing to be ashamed of.

These kind of shocking incidents are almost enough to cause us to join Snapchat on a dare. Green left his hacked image up for all hackers to enjoy free of charge.

Why would a young athlete boast of a post of his intimate workings? One presumes the threat of a hack attack is merely a bagatelle or a sack of crap.

Usually stars of this ilk are proud to be an American. He wanted to impress size queens and princes. Short of slicing the baloney, we can only presume it was for those who hope sum Dray their prince will come.

The sum of all working parts is a circumspect radius of Pi. Think big, young man. With six you get eggroll, but Dray offers a pie in the puss for those with an interest.

Draymond Green is a well-spoken lunatic. He has faced arrest for dope-slapping a former acquaintance. Are there any other kind of slap-happy friends?

Some have criticized him for posting an inappropriate photo. When does showing off the work of a nature ever become appropriate for growing lads needing a role model?

Pictures like Draymond’s accidental bump are the stuff of Dray-dreaming and fantasy league scoring.

We figure Draymond wants to be loved for going double digits on us. His sport lives and dies on a big paycheck, based on eye-popping statistics.

Why would his love life be any different?