Dream On, Celtics Fans!

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Blake without Testiness

Our summer just improved immensely. The rumor mill claims that Blake Griffin is headed to the Celtics. We are climbing the ‘Stairway to Heaven’, knowing it was not plagiarized.

We haven’t been so giddy since Rondo pushed around Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

We are almost ready to commit our attention to every Celtic game on the telly. We can feel the breeze as Banner 18 is hoisted into the rafters. Who needs Kevin Durant when the man who put Testy Testi in his place comes to town?

Blake Griffin is able to jump over short men in a single bound. We wonder how high he has to go to outjump Isaiah Thomas.

There seems to be a new big three on the horizon—and who needs Durant? Blake, Horford, and Russell Westbrook seem green around the gills, with Thomas playing Rondo in the remake of the 2007 season.

There is a new version of Lost in Space being planned by Netflix. So, a new version of the Big Three ought to be ready to go in September in Boston.

Oh, yes, it’s only a ‘Paper Moon’—and there is nothing but ‘Dust in the Air’, but we feel like singing again.

Al Horford, Blake Griffin, and Russell Westbrook, as the new Celtic Dynasty makes those pesky Warriors likely to meet their match—and it must make LeBron quake in his new action movie, The Monster That Ate Cleveland.