Death of Deflategate 

DATELINE: Brady in Loss at a Loss


It ends with a whimper.

Ding dong, the wicked Deflategate is dead.  Tom Brady fooled everyone into thinking he’d go to the Supreme Court. Instead, he went down in flames, the victim of a nouveau witch hunt.

After a protracted battle, the enemy insurgents are breathing a sigh of relief. The imbeciles who taunted Tom seem reluctant to gloat. The NFL and their tin commissioner are eating a banquet of Sodom’s apples. May they choke on it.\

Brady usually posts humor on Facebook, but this was serious.

Injustice often overwhelms fair play. Two wrongs adorn the commissioner who shall remain nameless. If we could expunge his name from the record, we would emulate old Egyptians or modern Soviets.

We never thought it would come to this. There is no bang. The shot heard round the world at Foxboro now travels into the realm of legend and history.

Tom Brady is almost 40 years old. Every missed game diminishes his extraordinary career. The NFL has conspired to deny him his due. We might choose to walk away from the game but Tom will bite the bullet with his name on it. He will live to play another day.