NBA Players Strike Pay Dirt

DATELINE: Money, Money, Money

Not since the Great Land Rush in Oklahoma in the 19th century have we seen such a lineup. NBA stars and lesser lights are poised to be courted, wooed, and won, with cash sweepstakes to make millionaires salivate.

Yes, the NBA great free agency rush is about to commence.

As the clock strikes midnight, general managers will be on automatic call mode to their favorite players. Who will be signed first and by whom?

The NBA has released millions of dollars. The toothpaste is out of the tube. And, greedy players, greedier fans, and greediest owners, will make a play to win a championship by assembling the talent of the new age.

In 1820 if you saw talented black men going for the highest bidder on the auction block, you might be outraged as an Abolitionist. You might see it as the worst part of humanity. Today, the freedom to strike it rich has superseded racial barriers.

Kevin Durant is the big plum. He has already designated the six teams he will deign to give him fortune in men’s eyes.

The Boston Celtics, our sentimental favorite team, wants lightning to strike twice. With two superstars bought and signed on the dotted line, they believe they will buy Banner 18.

It is in the great mode of Colonel Rupert buying Babe Ruth. It is in the great American tradition of turning the wealthy into the nouveau riche.

Yes, they’re “movin’ on up,” to quote the vernacular of a 1970s song about the Jeffersons.