Sweet Sorrow: The Last Person of Interest

DATELINE: Cult Series Ends

Interesting Persons

Not many could be expected to be standing at the end. Two megalithic computers would not want to take any prisoners.

But, ultimately, Person of Interest centered on its sociopathic heroes. They would not be messed with.

One of the most prescient television series of so many hours of entertaining drama and thrills, came to an end, as it does for all TV shows eventually. Did Person of Interest fans die a little with it?

We did find some cartharsis in seeing Mr. Reese standing like Davy Crockett at the Alamo against the evil forces of Samaritan.

We did find some brutal satisfaction in Shaw’s revenge.

And, we can always go back to the early episodes to re-live the moments that accumulated over five years of cast members never really dying—but returning for new episodes as flashbacks.

Over the years we watched some of our previous entertainments peter out:  Another World comes to mind, an investment of 30 years of loyal attention. So does Upstairs/Downstairs.

You tend to forget there were hours that did not live up to the high bar, but overall the feeling left is wistful and pleasant.

Person of Interest left us with a glimmer that it might return in a new incarnation. We sincerely hope so, though the original shall remain sacrosanct to its fans.

We are reminded of the words of Harold—no, not Harold Finch, the Machine’s Creator, but of Harold Pinter. He said there were no happy endings, only happy beginnings.

The Machine could think, but never put Descartes before the horse.